Travel Cutlery

Travel Cutlery


If you're going to have a set of cutlery on you all the time, wouldn't you want it to be beautiful, as well as functional?


This set delivers! 


Beautifully crafted in high quality stainless steel, with a matte black finish, this cutlery set is designed for function as well as form.  The slim, modern design is about 10% smaller than regular cutlery, however it still fits beautifully in your hand, offering superior comfort and control.


Also included is a dishwasher safe carry box and a machine washable fabric drawstring bag to keep your dirty and clean utensils separated until they can be washed.


This set gets the right kind of attention... and at the same time, reminds others that they're using ANOTHER plastic fork.


Set includes:

1 Dinner Knife

1 Dinner Fork

1 Pair of Chopsticks

1 Short Straw

1 Long Straw

1 Straw Cleaning Brush

1 Fabric Drawstring Bag for Clean Utensils

1 Dishwasher Safe Carry Case for Dirty Utensils


Choose from:

1 Soup Spoon 


1 Teaspoon



    Utensils and carry case are all dishwasher safe.  To get the most longevity from this product however, we recommend washing by hand.

    The drawstring cutlery bag is machine washable.