Eco-On-The-Go Short Straws and Spork Set

Eco-On-The-Go Short Straws and Spork Set

This compact little pack comes with 4 short glass straws which are the perfect 
size for rocks/tumbler glasses used in bars, pubs and clubs plus a handy 
travel spork, all in a neat little zip-up pouch with dirty/clean compartments.  
If you use one, you can keep it separate from the others. 

The straws are made from high quality Borosilicate glass and are super 

durable, portable, are resistant to extreme temperatures and are an absolute 

joy to drink from.  They're crystal clear, making it super easy to ensure they're 

completely clean, unlike metal straws which often take some detective work.  

The spork is 100% biodegradable and great to have around 
for when you don't have access to regular cutlery. Keep one in your 
bag, at your desk and in your car. 
The carry pouch measures in at a tiny 16cm long x 5.5cm high and is 
a convenient size to have around for when you don't want to carry a set 
of cutlery.


Set includes:
4 Short (15cm long) Glass Drinking Straws
1 Straw cleaning Brush (15cm long)
1 Bamboo Travel Spork (11cm long)
1 Zip-up Carry Pouch with separate 'Dirty' and 'Clean' sections


Sporks and straws also sold separately.
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    Sporks should be washed by hand in warm, soapy water.  Not recommended for the dishwasher.  
    Use included straw brush to clean inside.  Straws are dishwasher safe.

    Carry pouch is machine washable.